Friday, February 11, 2011

Discussion Post ~ Bloggers Beware of Authors behaving badly (AKA Authors laying a smackdown on book bloggers?!)

NOTE: I will be adding my extremely personal thoughts on this at the end of this post.
It does seem that all hell has broken loose in the book blogging community again.  Not good peeps! I've been going through my google reader and I've been reading all these horror stories about all the hell that's being unleashed on us "unprofessional reviewers*" (AKA Book Bloggers).  The post that I just linked to is written by an author who had a couple of bad reviews of posted about her book and had the nerve to "call out" two book blogs (Book Binge and Chick Lit Plus).  On top of that the author (Sylvia Massara) had this to say about book bloggers:
"Oftentimes, the people who set up these kinds of blogs have never written a thing in their lives, except maybe a grocery list. Most are avid readers who think they are qualified to review someone else’s work. So it’s very sad when they go about damaging the image of upcoming small press and indie authors with the rubbish they write."
I think that this post was EXTREMELY unprofessional and I think that the two blogs that were called out in this post responded in a professional manner and put the facts out there for their readers to see and read.  If you want to check out their responses Book Binge had this to say and Chick Lit Plus had this to say.
Ah, and then we get to the good stuff....How In My Mailbox** is to quote the unnamed author “those "in my mailbox" posts represent everything that's wrong with the whole scene. It's all about status and swag.”  Then there's the whole book bloggers don't sell books/shouldn't be given ARC's/and how we're only in it for the free books.  Seriously, I have some pretty serious thoughts on all of this.....which your about to read.
I saw all these posts and I was deeply troubled by all of this.  For a while now I've been struggling with my book blogging (if you hadn't noticed from my lack of posting).  I feel that it has turned into a job and I already have one of those.  I know that this is mostly my fault and I asked for it when I decided to start 2 additional book blogs.  But getting back on point...All of this negativity has really troubled me.
I just don't understand how an author could go so far as to attack a blogger on a VERY public form of media known as the INTERNET!  That is completely classless and trashy on their part.  Sure we as book bloggers don't always write glowing reviews of everything that we read.  It happens.  Life isn't all sunshine and happiness.  Put on your big girl/boy under ware and get over it. JMHO.
I don't know about anyone else out there but I think that In My Mailbox is a pretty AWESOME meme.  I don't always get to participate but even if I don't I always find more books to add to my wish list when I go through my google reader.  Honestly, I look forward to In My Mailbox...even if I don't get to participate.  It makes me happy to see all those bloggers out there gushing with happiness over the books they got in the mail, from the library or just went out and bought.  FOR KRISTI~ Party on Kristi
I think it is very unfair to say that book bloggers don't sell books.  I think that there are enough of us out there that anyone who comes across some one's review either intentionally or accidentally that we might influence a book buyers decision.  I know that before I started book blogging I came across some review blogs for a couple of books that I was considering buying and reading the reviews helped me to make my decision.  For another blogger's opinion on book bloggers and their impact click here OR to read an author's take on book blogger's check out this post.
I was extremely offended when I found that many people believe that we book bloggers are only in it for the free books and ARC's.  I don't know about anyone else but I spend more money and time buying books or checking them out of the library or swapping them on than I spend trying to coherse a book out of an author.  Actually, I've NEVER approached an author about getting a copy of their book and I am only occasionally contacted with review requests.  Maybe there are bloggers out there who are fishing for "free books."  I am NOT one of them.
So I am going to conclude this post before I turn it into a full length novel.  Though I do have 1 message for all the haters out there.....Hell Hath No Fury Like Book Blogger's Scorned. 
*Found in a post posted by Jeremy West of Novel Thoughts
**Found in a post posted by Kristi of The Story Siren


Mona said...

I just started following book blogs last year and I enjoy it. Through my subscribed blogs, I have discovered new-to-me authors/books/genres/blogs. And, ok, I've won some stuff. I enjoy the IN MY MAILBOX columns too.

Bloggers provide valuable services to readers/authors/publishers in giving books exposure and publicity. Blogging is a time and labor-intensive commitment and one that provides no monetary compensation. So what if you guys get free books and swag. You deserve that much at least.

That author's reaction was completely unprofessional. Her reaction reflected badly on her, not the blogger. Authors, actors, filmmakers, artists, musicians, etc need to develop thick skins. Not everyone is going to like/appreciate their work.

laceyinthesky said...
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Lover of Romance said...

Amen sista!!! I so agree! I mean authors can't expect to hear great things about their books, there are going to be both positive and negatives. I always try to be honest, I am not mean or anything, but if there is something that I dislike about the book, I will say so because I try to be forthright. But to criticize bloggers, I for one am totally fine with just getting books from the library or buying them, I don't need free books since I have more than enough to read lol so thanks for that post!! I loved your insights!