Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finding Home by Cameron Dane (M/M)

Title: Finding Home
Author: Cameron Dane
Series: Quinn Security #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, M/M, Multicultural
Publisher: Loose Id
Release Date: May 13, 2008
Format: eBook - Novella
Source: Bought via My Barnes and Noble Nook
Rating: 3/5

Smuttiness: 5/5
Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Picking pockets and stealing cars, Adam Reyes does what he must to survive. Working Chicago's O'Hare airport, he feels pretty confident when he spots his next mark.

Security expert Rhone Quinn can't believe the wiry kid who grabs his cell phone almost gets away with it. Logic says turn the teen over to the cops, but Rhone is a man who trusts his instincts, and his gut tells him to offer the young man a job and a chance to begin a new life. Little does Rhone know that when he makes that choice it will forever change his life, too.

Over the years that follow a mentor relationship turns into a unique, abiding friendship. It eventually leads to true equality between Rhone and Adam when Adam becomes a full partner in Quinn Security. Unbeknownst to Rhone, as time passes by, Adam is also falling deeply in love. With Rhone. Who isn't gay. And who doesn't know that Adam is.

Then, one day, Rhone discovers the truth. Will Rhone's new awareness of Adam's feelings bind the men together even more intimately, or tear them apart for good?
This was my first ever M/M story that I've ever read.  I follow several blogs that read a lot of M/M books so I thought that I'd give it a shot too. I really didn't now what to expect going into it but I was pleasantly surprised.
As much as I really wanted to LOVE this story I had a little bit of a hard time with it.  It wasn't the story, plot or the characters, all of which I thought were pretty strong, that I had a hard time with...It was the way it was written.  That is actually what prevented this novella from being given a higher rating. After one REALLY LONG prologue we get to a story that I was luke warm on due to the writing.
The sex scenes in this novella were in my opinion off the charts.  Seriously, I thought they were knock your socks off.  Even with "off the charts" sex scenes I thought that the build up to those scenes just didn't fit the scenes themselves.
Overall, quirks and all I liked this story and I will be checking out more by this author.  Apparently, this is the first book in a series so I'm off to check out the other books in the series.


smittenskitten said...

HOLYSMOKES the abs!!! Yeah, I'll probably read for those. hehe
I haven't read this yet so I don't know how it worked out but I'll give it a try...though it sounds like I'll give it up half of after five chapters. lols.
When I read M/M romance I have really high expectation from authors. *shrug*

Jamie said...

@Smittenskitten I hope you will give it a try. The writing style for this book wasn't my cup of tea but you never now. It really isn't even all that long either.

Leontine said...

Oh yeah the 'off-the-charts' sexing is really one of the strong point of CD's writing :) I'm glad your first M/M experience was one that made you want more!